03 March 2016

The Resistance almost got me. I was listening to its soothing words telling me how important other things are. That's how I managed to keep away from this blog for two years. "Programming is more important" she would say. "Now statistics is more important". "Nobody reads the blog anyhow." "You're not good at writing. Your style is boring."

That was enough for a while. After some time, something started to boil inside me though. I wanted to write. The Resistance was by my side: "Writing in reStructuredText feels like a chore." "The blog design looks terrible. You need to do something about that before you start writing again." "At least pick a better theme."

I agreed with all of that until today. Actually, it was until last night when "The War of Art" opened my eyes to the Resistance. I saw it for what it was. The friend who tied my hands behind my back. The protector of my ego but not of my dreams.

That's why I decided to write today no matter what. I will look at writing like it's jogging. All I need to do is show up and do my time. I will become a pro.