To all recruiters out there

05 August 2013

This message is addressed to technical recruiters, because they are the ones I interact with.

First, you might have realized that recruiting for technical people isn't like recruiting for other kinds of specialists in that it's a lot harder to find people. In this field, it's not the programmers who are desperately looking for jobs (at least not the ones that you want), it's the companies who arelooking for programmers.

That means that programmers get a lot of messages from recruiters about job opportunities. At first, as a programmer, you appreciate them for the ego boost, but they soon start to become annoying. The reason is that most messages are very criptic and expect the programmer to ask for more information, because surely they won't pass on the chance of getting a job. Well, as I said, these people already have a job, so if you, as a recruiter, want to have a chance of piquing a developer's interest, you should change the way you write your messages.

From my point of view, a recruiting message is like a sales letter. You, the recruiter, want to sell the job to the developer. You want to give as much information as possible and present it in such a way as to make the developer think "Wow, this sure sounds like an interesting job. I definitely want to hear more." A message like:

"Hey, I have a great job for a cool company involving Python. Contact me
for more info."

doesn't say anything and I'm going to ignore it.

Developers care about several things regarding their job. They want to know the type of work that they will be doing (maintenance, new features), the field that the company is in, what an average day looks like and, of course, the money. Addressing these will make your message come a long way.

Also, I hear that recruiters are reluctant to give too much information about a company, because they fear that the developers will bypass them and go directly to the company. I don't know how common that is, but I can tell you that if you are a competent person and find me a job that I like I would be very happy that you were rewarded for your work.

And another thing. I don't know about other developers, but I hate it when I get a message about a job involving technologies which I've never used, a fact which can clearly be deduced from my resume. If you say something like:

Hey, I can see from your resume that you haven't worked with Java, but I
have this job that requires experienced developers who don't necessarily
have Java experience. It involves doing etc, etc.

I will appreciate the fact that you framed the message properly and that you read my profile. If you just tell me about a job that requires 3-5 years of Java experience, that tells me that you just saw "web developer" in my title and thought that's enough, which only highlights your incompetence.

I hope this helps. Good luck finding the right people for the right jobs.

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