Happiness as a state

14 March 2014

I've been feeling very happy for the last couple of days and I think it's because my plan is working. Some time ago, after reading a lot of books and listening to courses on psychology and NLP, I came to the realization that happiness is a state of the mind, just like ice is a state of water. Our minds go from one state to another a lot throughout the day and the week, but I believe that there are some states that we access more easily. These states vary from individual to individual.

Another thing that I realized is that you can induce your state. If you watch an inspirational movie or read a good book or listen to an emotional song, then you are inducing a certain state to yourself. Well, having considered that happiness (and any other feeling) is a state and that we can induce that state, I had the following reasoning: If I induce myself a state of happiness constantly, then I will learn to access that state more easily and it will become a default state for me. So I set out by starting to appreciate the small things, like the wonderful sun and weather, the delicious sweets that I enjoy, the moments spent with friends. I meditate and I also watch comedy or other videos that put me into this positive state. Well, I am happy to say (hehe) that it has been working.

I want to mention one thing that a lot of people will surely question. What if during this time I somehow become angry or sad? Well, I won't ignore these feelings or try to suppress them I'm not going to say "Serenity now!" and wish the unpleasant state to go away. I will watch that state and let it consume itself, so to speak. I won't dwell on it too much though and then I'll try to use something to induce me a happy positive state again.

The experiment continues, but I'm happy with the results so far.

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