The Day I Laid Down the Stick

07 March 2016

A few years ago I always followed this thinking pattern. I would set a goal for myself. After some time, I realized that I wasn’t going to fulfill that goal. When that happened, I would feel guilty.

I was punishing myself every time I was failing.

Of course, I didn’t think there was anything wrong with that. "How else will I accomplish anything, if I don’t kick myself?” We live in a world where the stick is a god. We use the stick to motivate ourselves and others. There are books praising the stick, making it the reason for our success as a civilization.

Well, I say “no more”. Let’s put down our sticks. Let’s look at what’s awaiting for us on the other side. Why do we want to get there. Let’s find out what draws us to our goals and ride that feeling. Let’s lead and not push.

I’ve laid down the stick. I now lead my self towards where I want to go. I listen to my self and don’t treat it as an untrustworthy animal. I’m no longer a dictator of my self. We’ve become friends.

Next article will be more pragmatic. I will talk about how I implemented this philosophy in my life.