16 December 2012

I've finally managed to setup this blog after a long time since I came up with the intention. My intention with this blog is to share my thoughts on technology, traveling and anything else I find interesting at a specific time. For the moment, writing is more of healing tool for me. That means that I use it only when I want to get something off my chest, to get rid of a burden. I want to change this and turn writing into a creative exercise. I want this, because I like creating, I like playing with words and the power that words have on the mind.

Words can change my perspective, the color of my surroundings, the feelings that I have for something. I can also do it for someone else. I can also just create new worlds for my personal entertainment. I can play cards with people from ancient Greece, change cookie recipes with Inuits, or tell jokes with Steven Wright.

I also want to disect things that I'm interested in and describe them in a way that is easily understandable for me first of all and for you second. It sounds selfish, but I'm confident that if I understand what I say, you will too.

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